Our Federal Clients


Rocky Mountain Wireless Solutions sales department are led by Jeff Ingram and Eric Rhodes who have over 21 years combined of experience working with the federal government markets. Eric and Jeff both have worked to develop relationships on behalf of Motorola USFGMD.

DOE - Western Area Power Authority, Colorado and Whoming

US Air National Guard - Buckley AFB, Denver

US Air Force Reserve - Peterson AFB, Co Springs, Co

US Air Force - Buckley AFB, Denver, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, Co, Schriever AFB, Falcon, Co, USAFA, Colorado Springs, Co, FE Warren, Cheyenne,WY. NORAD, Colorado Springs, Co, US Space Command, Colorado Springs, Co

US National Guard - State of Colorado, State of Wyoming

US Army Corps of Engineers - Rocky Mountain Division, Golden, Co

US Army - Fort Carson, Colorado, Pueblo Chemical Depot, Pueblo, Co 10th SFG, Colorado Springs, Co. 4th ID, Colorado Springs Co. Army Future Warfare Systems, Colorado Springs, Army Space Command, Colorado Springs, Co

US NORTHCOM - Colorado Spring, Co

VA Hospital - Denver, Co, Grand Junction, Co, Cheyenne, WY

DOI - Colorado/Wyoming/South Dakota/Nebraska

BIA – Colorado and Wyoming

BLM - Colorado/Wyoming

AFIS - Denver, Co

EPA - Denver, Co

USFS - Colorado/Wyoming

Rocky Mountain National Park - Estes Park, Co

Great Sand Dunes National Park - Alamosa, Co

Black Canyon National Park - Montrose, Co

Drug Enforcement Administration - Denver, Co

Federal Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado and Wyoming

Buerau of Reclamation Colorado and Wyoming

National Renewable Energy Labs- Colorado

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